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Nectar Specialty Group is an international specialty insurance and reinsurance intermediary that provides bespoke risk solutions for direct brokers, reinsurance brokers, insurance carriers and insurtech firms.

Headquartered in Singapore, the Nectar Group was founded in 2016 with the aim of becoming a boutique, independent, international, specialty insurance and reinsurance service provider. Driven by talent and passion, Nectar group has business represented in Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, and India. 

We believe there is a better way to build insurance service business model. We focus on specialist areas where we have built strong technical knowledge and team of professionals. We understand that we must add exceptional value for our producers and business partners. We are eager to learn and adapt to changes in market place. All of this has enabled us to grow impressively through strong organic growth. We are committed to bring new talent and expertise to our team, developing our business to become a modern, successful and independent service provider.

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