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Accidental injuries and healthcare costs have climbed. Insurance products can help organizations manage those trends, by providing a financial safety net for expenses that other insurance may not cover.
We offer specialist coverage for a wide range of accident, sickness, travel insurance.



Corporate Employees: Blanket coverage for all blue and white-collar workers


High Net Worth Individuals: From Industry as an example like Entertainment, Sports, Financial Institutions, Legal Firms, Accountancy, etc


Ships Crew: Covering crew members such Captains/ Masters, Officers, Engineers and Crew Members (and passengers if passenger vessels)


High-Risk Occupations: Specific Policies for more hazardous duties involved in oil, construction, chemical industries, etc.


Unusual Occupations/Recreation: Stuntmen, mine clearance, hang gliding or parachuting, etc.


Loss of Licence: Covers for Aviation Pilots, Co-pilots, etc. 

War Risks: Cover on an annual or on a more specific period basis for reporters and TV crew,
military personnel, ships crew, mine clearance, governmental staff in war zone areas


Aviation: Covering Pilots, Cabin Crew, Officers, Engineers, Ground Staff, etc

Bank Customers: Borrowers, Mortgage, Credit Card PA 

Travel: Overseas Travel


We have the facility for limits upto USD 10 mln from “A” rated reinsurers, predominantly Lloyd’s market. 

What we do

We have partnerships with global leaders in this space for delivering the world-class quality of service for our clients. From fast response times to bespoke insurance solutions, we ensure that we deliver high quality personalised service.

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