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NECTAR PRO - Professional Indemnity


The globalisation of professional firms has introduced new problems, with claims being brought in the jurisdiction perceived as most favourable to the claimant. The broadening range of services offered by individual firms, and the consequent growth of truly multidisciplinary firms, can only make the situation more complex.

Whether the client is within one of the traditionally recognised professional disciplines or they are a knowledge-based professional such as IT, Consultants, Surveyors, Architects or Engineers, the client should have in place a PI policy to cover the potential liabilities they may incur in the conduct of professional business.

NectarPRO’s team offers a flexible approach to underwriting with tailored, professional specific products.

Our product offering covers broad range of professions:

  • Information Technology

  • Accountants

    • Bookkeeping & preparation of accounts

    • Company secretarial services

    • Payroll services

    • Tax planning & compliance

    • Trustee Services

  • Lawyers

  • Architect & Engineers

    • Architect

    • Engineering

    • Project Consultant

  • Miscellaneous

    • Management Consultants

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