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Cyber Liability

Cyber risk is now widely accepted as being one of  he top emerging risks and it is an issue for all organisations in any industry, especially those in the Financial Institutions, Technology, Retail, Health, Hospitality and other critical infrastructure industry that is vulnerable for cyber hackers.

Evaluating, mitigating and transferring cyber risk is not a tick box exercise. It requires a trusted and subject expert to guide through the process.

Nectar offers a range of solutions and services, made to fit client requirements - from off-the-shelf cyber policies for SMEs to complex bespoke solutions for large corporates.


The team's ability to develop products for traditional, complex and emerging risks is built on experience and in-depth knowledge of many industries, including:

-    Banks and Financial Institutions
-    IT / Telecom / Media 
-    Hospitality 
-    Manufacturing
-    Retail
-    Power and Utilities



We have the facility for limits upto USD 10 mln from “A” rated reinsurers, predominantly Lloyd’s market. 

What we do

‘Cyber’ can be a complicated product, but it doesn’t need to be. We’re here to help our partners in understanding the specific risks of their client faces and design the reinsurance solution that caters to client specific needs.

Image by Shahadat Rahman
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