Unexpected outbreaks of violence and unpredictable terrorism attacks can seriously impact a global corporation’s ability to operate and move products on the global stage.


The political violence risks in Asia are in a constant state of flux. The lines between acts of protest, terrorism, and war been so is very much blurred.

We offer tailor-made solutions for Property & Business interruption risk on reinsurance basis.


The stand-alone terrorism facility can offer coverage against terrorism and political violence including:

    Sabotage and terrorism
    Loss of attraction
    Impairment of access
    Nuclear, chemical biological or radioactive
    Strikes, riots and civil comotion
    Malicious damage
    Insurrection, revolution and rebellion
    Mutiny and/or coup d’etat
    War and/or civil war
    Terrorism Liability


    Textiles
    Telecoms, Electronics
    Transportation, Logistics & Warehousing
    Large commercial and residential property 
    Industrial/Manufacturing
    Banks & Financial Institutions
    Mining/metals
    Engineering


We have facility for limits upto USD 300 mln from “A” rated reinsurers

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